Frequently Asked Questions

New Orders

How much does a shirt cost?

Shirt pricing can vary depending on what kind of shirt, quantity and amount of colors you are looking to produce.

For us to provide you with our absolute best price, please go to and submit your request.

A team member will contact you as fast as possible.

Do you have a minimum order?

We don't have print minimums, however it can be very cost prohibitive to run orders below certain thresholds.

For our best prices please follow these recommended quantities

up to 4 colors (72pcs)
up to 6 colors (144pcs)
up to 8 colors (288pcs)
24pcs (our machines run in 8s)

What is your turnaround?

A good turnaround is 5-7 days after your invoice has been paid. Please always communicate your in-hands date with us. Sometimes we can go faster, depending on our work load.

Most printers will charge a Rush Charge if you want your order in less than 5 days. We'll try not to unless absolutely necessary.

I need my order fast! Do you do rush orders?

Yes, we do offer rush services, but each project will be custom quoted. Since variables like how many colors are in the logo or how many pieces are needed, greatly impact how it will fit in our current production schedule.

What brands do you offer?

We can get just about anything you need. If you would like to browse a few of our online catalogs, please go to and click on "catalog" on the top menu.

Once you find a garment you'd like to inquire about, e-mail us your order with the style number, color and sizes you need:

Do you provide the clothing?

Yes, we are a full-service shop. We can order the garments for you, print, sort, fold and ship to your location. You won't have to worry about anything and we'll pass along our wholesale rates.

Can i choose different styles, sizes and colors on the same order?

Yes you can. As long as what we are printing (design and color) doesn't change.

For example, if you want a white print on a royal blue shirt and red hoodie. No problem, the print stays the same and everything is ok.

However, some customers often request a white shirt with black print and a black shirt with white print. in that case, the order would be split into 2 different setups.

Can i get 144 shirts with two separate Designs?

Yes, you can, but it would be priced as two separate 72pc orders.

To get the 144pc price, the entire order needs to use the same design and print color.

Can i dropship my order to you?

Drop-shipped orders need to be approved and are reserved for select contract clients only.

If you are an approved account, then please ensure your company name and PO # (Job Name) is on the reference field, and ship to:

Inkify, LLC
25 Walpole Park South
Unit 8
Walpole, MA. 02081


What is the proof / approval process?

On all new orders we will be sending you an art proof for your review. This proof will state the size of the print, pantone colors and overall location of your job. In addition, we will add the garment style, color and quantities, followed by a quote and ship-to instructions.

Please make sure to look over the proof carefully as once it is approved we will be printing exactly that. Proofs are issued about 1-2 business days after art have been received.

Once approved, we will follow-up with a final invoice. If we do not receive your art approval or payment, we cannot proceed with your job.

What are your artwork guidelines?

Artwork should be in a vector format: .AI .EPS .SVG .PDF (ai)
Not, raster files: .JPG .PNG .GIF

Fonts and Text should be converted to outlines/expanded

All colors should be in pantone (PMS) solid coated. Not RGB or CMYK

Please specify art size and placement on the garment

What are your print size parameters?

Left Chest
3 to 4 inches wide

Sleeve Printing
4 x 16 max width

Front/Back Full Print
up to 12 x 16 is a standard.
Once the design goes beyond that size it will trigger and oversize upcharge.
Most prints look great at 10 to 11 inches wide as our bodies are round and fill-in the shirt. Prints can often times look small when a shirt is laid flat, but that's why all our photos are on a mannequin as it's a more true representation of how it will look on a body.

I don't have access to the vector art, what do i do?

For most designs, our in-house artists can recreate your logo for $40/hour (1 hour minimum). Most designs can be done within 1-hour, but if we need longer, we will contact you to discuss a plan

I don't have artwork, can you do it?

Yes, we offer custom artwork ranging from logo creating to tshirt design.

However, please keep in mind that this really depends on what you're looking for, budget and how big the project is.

For the most part, we are not interested in being an art studio. The artwork we make is meant to be produced afterwards. So we only take requests for artwork we will later produce for you.

What is a screen?

Screens are used in Screen Printing to create a stencil for each color used in your design. Please keep in mind that if you're printing on dark garments, an additional screen will be added to your order for an underbase (primer if you will) so all the colors are bright and bold after production.

What is Underbase layer?

You'll see an underbase layer / color on your proofs if you are printing on dark garments. Think of this as a primer. It will allow all the colors that go on top of it to be bright and bold. Otherwise your print will look faded and blend into the shirt.

Here's a few things to consider. If you want your logo to be bright, you have to add it. So on a 2 color logo (white/red), it will be printed/billed as a 3 color print (underbase + White + Red).

However, if you're actually going for a faded/vintage style print, or you want a tone on tone print and for your artwork to look faded, then we'll just leave out the underbase screen.

This is also an option to consider if you're on a lower budget, but please keep in mind that not using an underbase will compromise the quality of your print.

Embroidery Specific

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is different from vectorizing.

Vectorizing is for turning graphics into lineart that we'll use to make screens in printing

Digitizing is turning your logo into stitch patterns and shapes for embroidery. Every logo will have to be digitized here in house if you're looking to have us embroider for your company. This is a one time set-up and once we have the digitized file, we can pull it up for all future jobs.

How many stitches are in my design?

Until we receive your full order and digitize your artwork, we can provide a rough stitch-estimate upon request. You may submit your work order here

Digitizing artwork is an art within itself, our team digitizes in-house for complete control of the sew-out file and any necessary edits to give you the best output possible.

Can i provide my own digitized embroidery tape?

Absolutely, but if you do, it must be requested on your purchase order and we cannot be held responsible for how it sews or if it has excessing trims.

Should any corrections/adjustments be needed, you need to let us know at the time of proofing.


How long does shipping take?

For bulk wholesale order we use UPS ground as our main carrier. Please check this chart for delivery times.

Do you blindship?

Yes, as a contract shop we understand the importance of blind-shipping your packages. Please let us know when you place your first order.

My band is on tour, can you ship to the venue?

Yes, we specialize in Tour and Event dropship logistics. We'll plan ahead and make sure the order ships enough days in advance to arrive at your venue by the time you arrive.